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About Beyond Language Learning

Beyond Language Learning's mission is to advance research and create opportunities so that everyone can acquire new languages to very high levels while enjoying experiencing and learning many other things.

Contrary to popular belief, even as adults we can pick up new languages without study, by just doing things we enjoy in the language.

We may even be able to effortlessly learn languages from scratch all the way to approaching native-speaker levels of ability, while having fun the whole time.

What we need are opportunities to pick up languages this way, and research into just how well we can pick up languages at any age.

These opportunities and research are sorely lacking today.

Beyond Language Learning is working to advance both to create a virtuous cycle where more research leads to more opportunities, and more opportunities help make more research possible.

Ways that Beyond Language Learning is doing this include:

  • Sharing interesting information and fresh ideas and perspectives on language acquisition at, with a focus on things that aren't being discussed elsewhere
  • Connecting with people who are working on research and opportunities for better and easier language acquisition
  • Consulting and helping people and organizations with their language teaching and learning

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