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First of all. THANK YOU! Just coming to this page is a gigantic vote of confidence in me and this podcast. Thank you so much for listening to the podcast and for wanting to lend your support. It truly means a lot.

This podcast is a pride and joy of mine. As we get started we are looking for people help us get off our feet. The quality, consistency, and variety of the Beyond Medicine podcast will depend largely on the resources we have available and the means to do so. 

As a recent medical graduate and getting ready to begin my residency; time and money will be very limited. Thats why your help is so important. To save time, much of the podcast work will have to be outsourced, and with what time I do have, it will be spent on producing the content and doing the research to deliver valuable episodes.

The inspiration for this podcast came from my desire to bridge the gap that exists between the abundance of medical knowledge and expertise out there and the lack of simple, translational, non-boring ways to get that information out to people.

I want to use my own holistic medical perspective to relay that information to everyday people.

Beyond Medicine focuses specifically on bringing topics related to medicine to our audience and helping our listeners learn, question, think and apply advice to better their life. Our mission is to connect people to their better self through health, wellness, and inspiration.

Our goal is to make medicine interesting and educational to everyday people. No medical degree required. By bringing doctors, experts and thought leaders from a broad range of backgrounds and dissecting their journey, their expertise and their knowledge - we can share powerful steps that can shape and transform lives. 

With your help we can keep spreading our message and grow our podcast to reach as much people as possible. 

Thank you for your help!
-Rami Wehbi, DO
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This is how much it would cost for me to cover general expenses, equipment we send out, hosting, editing, pay roll and administrative work on a monthly basis!

With your help we can get there and I wont have to reach into my student loans to cover the cost!

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