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is creating A podcast and data analysis of Covid-19 and public policy

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About Beyond the Fold

Podcast. Writer. Researcher. Jack of all trades (master of none!)

My name is Kyle Lamb and through my new podcast, Beyond the Fold, and extensive data mining and analysis, I hope to peel back the onion layers one tear at a time with Covid-19. As the world has changed in just a short four months, like many I've been forced to change with it. I embrace this. I have no qualms about being a 'sports guy' moonlighting as a Covid-19 analyst.

Fact is, I'm not an "expert." I'm not a doctor, epidemiologist, virologist or scientist. I also don't need to be. Experts don't have all the answers, and we've learned that the hard way throughout the entire duration of the global pandemic. We need people digging for more facts. We need context. 

That's what I'm here to do. 

My job isn't to study the virus itself or tell you how to protect yourself, your children or your family. However, I will tell you what the data says about risk and I'll provide all the context I possibly can. Context matters. 

As we wait for the world to return to normal, go on this journey with me and let's show the world the real facts and real data. In the meantime, be sure to follow the Beyond the Fold podcast here or on your favorite podcasting platform including Apple, iHeartRadio, Spotify and more.

Thanks for finding me and following along. I appreciate your patronage and support.

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