BF3: Reality Mod Dev Team

is creating a realistic, teamwork-oriented mod for Battlefield 3

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About BF3: Reality Mod Dev Team

It's about time!

After almost 4 years in development and multiple delays, we're proud to announce that we're moving into the final development phase of the first version of BF3: Reality Mod! After an insane amount of work with some incredible obstacles to overcome, we're finally getting to the point where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

We've set up this Patreon to help the development team with bearing development costs. Rest assured that this project will stay a volunteer project and that the developers are not getting paid for any of their work. For a more detailed layout on where the money is going, scroll down to "Where will the money go to?".

Discord Server:

Sign up for Early Access:

RM Testing Sign-up Form

What is BF3: Reality Mod?

BF3: Reality Mod is an advanced and highly dedicated modification for the Battlefield 3 modding framework Venice Unleashed. It aims to achieve a similar experience as its predecessor BF2: Project Reality with the focus set on teamwork and communication while also applying a more realistic gameplay style. Important: the first release is to be seen as a proof of concept, to show that this scale of a mod is indeed possible. It contains fully functioning gameplay for one gamemode (AAS), fully modified infantry gameplay and modified maps. However, modified assets (vehicles, helicopters, etc.), although very much possible and already done to a great extend, are likely not gonna be part of the scope of the very first release. This allows the devs to focus their limited time and resources on getting the core gameplay and the UI on point. Everything coming after will build on top of that basic foundation.

Here are some confirmed features for the initial release to give you an idea of the scope of the modifications:

  • Removed spawning on players and flags
  • Added placeable spawn points for squads (rallypoints) and for the whole team (FOBs)
  • Proximity voip and channel voip (Squad channel, Squadleaders channel) made with a custom standalone mumble client
  • 9 custom kits with weapon attachement customization, each kit has a dedicated role (Medic, Squadleader, etc)
  • Completely custom, minimalistic UI to support a more immersive gameplay:
    • Redone minimap and icons
    • Squad selection menu
    • Kit selection menu
    • Compass
    • Loading and end screen
    • Scoreboard
  • No blue tint
  • Advanced maps (Vanilla maps that have been enlarged / modified using MapEditor.)
  • Custom weather / daytime / nighttime
  • Modified terrain behavior (e.g. real craters from explosions)
  • Slowed down player movement speed
  • Revamped health mechanics:
    • Bleedout mechanics
    • Limited revives
    • New medicbag healing system
    • Field dressings
  • Changes to gun mechanics to be more realistic:
    • Aiming down sights (ADS) time
    • Field of View (FOV)
    • Projectile damage
    • Different or no tracers
    • Reload time
    • Projectile speed
    • Full mag reload
  • Suppression is visual only
  • Higher tickrate for both client and server
  • 100+ players on a server
  • Custom gamemodes (AAS, INS will come soon)
  • Expanded vanilla maps (WIP)

Alongside Reality Mod we've been working on a fully integrated Map Editor, allowing everyone to create custom maps directly ingame together with multiple people simultaneously. The MapEditor is also developed by the RM dev team, and thus will be directly supported by this Patreon too.

What is Venice Unleashed (VU)?

Venice Unleashed is a framework for BF3 that allows for the creation of mods and custom content, offers private server hosting, and provides various improvements to the core Battlefield experience, such as high tickrate servers, configurable suppression and color correction, and more. Find more information here:

What are the requirements to play this?

You need a legit, licensed, and up-to-date version of BF3 installed on your computer, along with the Venice Unleashed client. Obviously your PC needs to be able to run BF3, there might be a slight performance impact with VU, but its marginal.

Do I need to own Battlefield 3 to play this?

Yes, absolutely. VU verifies your ownership of BF3 through Origin before you can start playing. VU does not and never will work with cracked or pirated copies.

What about the DLCs?

You need the DLCs to play in servers using DLC content as you would in the vanilla game. Reality Mod uses all DLCs, so make sure to own all DLCs (e.g. BF3 Premium).

Will I get banned for using this?

No. VU functions separately from vanilla BF3 and does not modify any game files. That means that you can just launch BF3 like you normally would through Battlelog and it's like VU was never there. Any changes to your game data are performed at your discretion with the use of third party mod tools.

Where will the money go to? (Sorted by priority)

  • Virtual & dedicated servers (for development, testing and actual public servers)
  • Development resources (Hardware, software)
  • Marketing (streamers, etc)
  • Dev Meetings (IRL)
  • Hosting tournaments

How do I keep track of the development?

Keep track of the development on our discord


This project is not affiliated with EA or DICE. Battlefield is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts Inc. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.

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