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I make webcomics for adults! Action, adventure, sex, and humor are my forte!

My first one-shot webcomic, 99 PROBLEMS, is a 43-page romper about a man shipwrecked on a desert island who quickly stumbles upon a magical Genie lamp. Utter madness soon ensues. It can be read on online for free!

My upcoming comic is a futuristic sci-fi action-adventure, hyper-infused with violence, humor, and sex, as our heroes scour the galaxies in search of what they are truly looking for. It is a much longer and more ambitious work than 99 PROBLEMS, and is more indicative of the graphic-novels that I plan to produce from here on out.

Since it is a much longer work, my next comic will be serialized in 10-15 page chapters, so that the audience may tag along for the adventure as it unfolds. I am currently hard at work on it and the first chapter will be released soon!!

Like 99 PROBLEMS, my next comic will be free to read online. Your monetary support allows me to do this full-time, and in return give back to you.

I don't make comics to make money, I make money to make more comics. Your continued support allows me to pursue this full-time for you, the audience.

Thank you for checking out my work, and for considering becoming a patron!

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