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About Brett G Jones

Jones grew up fascinated with science-fiction, philosophy, theology, spirituality, poetry, music, and the stars. His fascination with the stars continues today with his constant space shout outs from Facebook, Twitter, and mountaintops.

This page is to give the friends, family, and community that cares about Jones an opportunity to fulfill a dream. Send Jones to space so he can provide the world with a perspective on the Overview Effect. If there is one thing Jones longs for, it's to see the curvature of the earth and the darkness of space above it. The Overview Effect is something astronauts talk about. It...changes your perspective.

If anybody knows Jones like Jones knows Jones, they know Jones is always Jonesing for a change in perspective. Jones already considers himself a traveling psychonaut. Will a view of Earth from space really change his perception of connectedness? Or will it drive him into a maddening state of reflection upon the notion that the universe is a Dark Forest?

Let's send Jones to space and find out what happens. 

With a modest stipend goal of 5K per month (USD), Jones will devote the time to create content as he prepares for the voyage. With the time he would normally commit to one of his retained clients, Jones will prepare for the voyage, take the voyage, and transmute his experience of the voyage into the digital sphere, free for everyone to see. With continued support from the Patreon community, Jones will go on tour, taking his One Point Perspective to the like minded people around the world who want to hear about the Overview Effect. 

Thank you for your generous support in bringing this new perspective into the world.

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