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About The Board Game Spotlight

Lizzy and Derek have been playing card and board games for years, though they discovered the world beyond mass market games in 2014. 7 Wonders was the game that took them behind the curtain, and opened their eyes to a whole new world of tabletop games. In the summer of 2017, they felt called to share their passion, and love for the board game community, and 9 months later, here they sit, making this their full-time careers.

Lizzy and Derek, along with James Hudson, wish to take The Board Game Spotlight to greater heights. They want to show the world the love they've developed and nurtured in their Facebook Group and to do that, they need your help!

In order to continue to share new, engaging, and fun content with the community they're asking for you to join the Carebear Legion, and bring positive, respectful, and loving attitudes to tabletops worldwide. They hope to take the #youarewelcomeatmytable hashtag and create a mantra within the community that drives inclusivity everywhere. 

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Here's an article Derek wrote on new gamers entering the hobby...

Here's a new rapid fire topic rundown segment James and Derek started...

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- Provide extensive coverage of various boardgame conventions throughout the year including Origins Game Fair, Dice Tower Con, Gen Con, Pax Unplugged, and more! 

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