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You are enabling lifelong musicians to steer their own craft towards the independent artminded goals that can only come to fruition with your help.  We want to make sounds you've never heard, and come to your town and play them for you.  We already run at a VERY low overhead, and do not live beyond our means.  To exsist at the level in the marketplace we know is worthy of our songs - touring, merchandise, promotion, etc. - we need to expand our operation.  We make music that changes lives, empowers people, brings them together, but most miportantly - FEEL ALIVE.

We will NEVER use patron funding for anything but the musicians and the music.  We will not pass money to promotional engines nor record labels.  We are creating our own corner of the industry with your help.

About us:

Right out of the gate we found a common tongue between us. With that language in hand, we fabricate music we want to hear that we aren't hearing elsewhere. Each track tells a story on a new journey in familiar scenery. To us, having fun sounds like this... ...Thanks for checking us out, and
let us poke your ears and brain a wee bit, hopefully we find our way into your heart, and deeper into the soul.

About Barrett:

Born north of Chicago, Barrett began studying piano at the
tender age of 3. He picked up baritone, then trombone,
tuba, bass guitar, and then upright bass in elementary
& high schools. Barrett says he revolted by teaching
himself guitar. This led to him lashing back at himself more,
eventually learning banjo, mandolin, saxophone & fiddle
enough to not annoy. As if this wasn’t enough, Barrett fought
off being a musician entirely and dove head first into sound
after deciding NOT to become an artist/illustrator. Learning
the gear, studio, & then live engineering, he became
dangerous in the sense that he knows too much, yet still
admits to knowing nothing. Years of mixing on stage for the biggest names in the industry, and in
studios for rookies, turned Barrett into
something else, a collage of sound and
music. Barrett calls himself is a "tonologist" and "songsmithy"
and can ‘do it all’ in a sense that he clearly knows his boundries as a player and producer. When he can't, he finds others that can.  In turn he's surrounded himself with some of the finest friends and talent.  This “Hidden Agenda” of his, well... ...that's for you to decide on...

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This is your way of thanking Barrett's Hidden Agenda for the music you've enjoyed!  This enables and empowers us to MAKE MORE  MUSIC!
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