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About Black and Highly Dangerous Podcast

The purpose of the Black and Highly Dangerous podcast is to take everyday questions, conversations, and debates and attempt to provide answers by including up-to-date research along with occasional interviews from experts. We are a black podcast that discuss black topics. We like to have fun dialogue about interesting topics while simultaneously educating folks on the various subjects we discuss. This podcast is meant to bridge the gap between the world of academia and The People. We'll listen to make sure the questions you want to be answered are asked. When you listen to us, you'll always have new facts to bring to the conversation with friends on the hottest topics. And as always, continue to be the oppressor's worst fear.

New episodes EVERY Wednesday and can be found wherever you listen to podcast (iTunes, Google Play, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, Blubrry, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Podbean, Podbay, Youtube).

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