Katherine Amy Vega, Kataklizmic Design

Katherine Amy Vega, Kataklizmic Design

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About Katherine Amy Vega, Kataklizmic Design

Hi! I am a digital artist, entrepreneur, manager, frontend developer, photographer, video producer, QA engineer, chief editor, dancer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and more!

Katherine Amy Vega

This Patreon supports the team behind my Arizona-based independent online music publication, Burning Hot Events. Patron-donated funds help pay for monthly business software expenses, which make both my business Kataklizmic Design and Burning Hot Events possible, and also helps enable our crew to be paid more tips!

Read about my business, the publication, and the our crew below...

My business

Kataklizmic Design

Kataklizmic Design is a media arts & branding business focused on providing services primarily catered to bands and other artists of all types, as well as business and individuals. I am the owner, artist, and service provider behind the business. I have ample professional experience and great reviews in photography, video production, website design & development, graphic design, print design (digital prepress), copy editing, and website QA.


Check out Kataklizmic Design's Linktree for website and social media links!


Our music-based webzine


News & Reviews from the Fiery Mosh Pits of Arizona

Kataklizmic Design launched the online publication called Burning Hot Events in April 2016. A small community of team members grew quickly after the launch, and Team Kataklizmic wants to support the artistic community in Arizona, build collaborative relationships, and boost artists, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. 

Burning Hot Events offers a high quality combination of concert reviews and photography primarily in Phoenix, artist interviews, album reviews, top 10s, announcements of new releases and tours, and an event calendar!

We have covered many world-renowned artists such as:

My Chemical Romance, Tori Amos, The Who, Tool, Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, P!nk, Panic! at the Disco, Lamb of God, System of a Down, Korn, NOFX, Flogging Molly, Ben Folds, Evanescence, Blink-182, STYX, Journey, Scorpions, Shania Twain, A Perfect Circle, Lacuna Coil, Lindsey Stirling, Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, CHVRCHES, Jimmy Eat World, Good Charlotte, Def Leppard, AFI, Yellowcard, Sleigh Bells, Underoath, and many more!

We've also interviewed artists like The Maine, The Wrecks, Post Animal, The Faim, MRCH, Jane N' The Jungle, Swindy, Goth Brooks, and more. 

Our Crew

View Our Team Members' Photos & Bios!

Owner, Manager, Lead Concert Photographer, Chief Editor:

Katherine Amy Vega

Music Journalists:

  • Brittney Coon

  • Ryan Novak

  • Nate Wert

Music Photographers:

  • Katherine Amy Vega (Concerts, Portraits)

  • Mark Greenawalt (Concerts, Portraits)

  • Rodrigo Izquierdo (Concerts)

  • Kara Blakemore (Concerts)

  • Jim Hesterman (Portraits)


  • Katherine Amy Vega

  • Jim Hesterman (Interviews)

Content Editor:

Brianne Dunn (Press Releases, Article Prep)



We also want to recruit more members to the team in order to grow and offer exciting opportunities to professional, passionate, dependable, creative, communicative, and efficient individuals with big dreams.


Marketers, administrators, social media/content managers, writers/journalists, photographers, and video professionals!


Burning Hot Events is currently only funded by Patreon, Twitch, our Merch Store

What We Need Financial Help With...

Things like more staff members, equipment, gas, parking, software, web hosting, promotion. And if you fund our team, you're not only supporting us... You're supporting the an artistic community and renowned artists that roll into town, because you are helping us to support them!

We need your help to fund and expand this project!

This work is out-of-pocket, on top of demanding full-time jobs, and business management. This is hard, valuable work that contributes to and artistically enriched culture and community, and we mean to defy the norm! To do this, there are expenses we need help covering to keep this going and growing.

A Note About Our Use of Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate Links:

Unlike our competitors, we WILL NOT resort to skeezy and obnoxious ads to stay afloat!

After resisting introducing ads to the website for revenue for years, we finally gave it a try, and it's not so bad. We have added Google AdSense to the website to help offset costs, though earnings have been negligible (pennies). But the concentration and quantity of ads will never be high, and ads that overlay the content and stick to the screen until they are closed WILL NOT be enabled. We've just got some stuff in the sidebars and in between some of the paragraphs. We hope you understand...

We need to find a way to sustain BHE, and Patreon doesn't cover all monthly expenses as of yet! We will continue work hard to monetize this project in creative new ways.

We are also interested in creating more videos that can be monetized on YouTube.


BHE is one of the 2 major projects I've developed and branched off of Kataklizmic Design... The other being Band Identity media and branding service packages for bands. 

Please support me as an artist, my business, our publication, projects, team, and ultimately countless artists! Keep us going by donating to our Patreon today

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Help us cover monthly costs for subscription to software required to make our content (such as Adobe Creative Cloud), website hosting & domain registration, gas & event parking for our team at gigs.
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