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I write bible passages into music. WHOLE CHAPTERS and big slabs of scripture. I've written the whole book of Revelation into music which took me 2 years to do. The result was 19 songs which cover 22 chapters.  I've written Genesis 1 - 11 into music. And then lots of other chapters like Psalm 1, 1 Corinthians 13, Isaiah 11, Ephesians 6, Job and more. Recording them professionally is expensive, but it's something I keep chipping away at. My prayer is that in my lifetime I would be able to capture much of the Bible in music - and then portray them through stunning music videos - as well as live performances. As a pastor, preacher, musician, songwriter and video editor I am driven to use the power of music and visuals to proclaim God's Word. Music is a great way to memorise scripture. There is something powerful in proclaiming scripture in songs. When combined with visuals it leaves a long lasting impression on those who hear it.
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Producing and recording a song professionally in the studio costs about $1000. I've got many bible songs already written and am continually writing more. Help me get these songs released on multiple platforms so the Word of God can go out to people everywhere using the medium of music and art.
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