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About A Podcast of Biblical Proportions

A Podcast of Biblical Proportions creates podcasts to better understand some of the most iconic stories ever written, stories that have shaped much of the western world.

Close your eyes and think of the people who wrote the Bible (aka the Old Testament)/ Who did they write it for? What was their world like? They weren't monotheistic Shakespearean masters of language living in pastoral Renaissance England, but rather polytheistic nomads putting on paper stories for simple folk. It is thought most of these stories were written about 3000 years ago. 

In each episode, we go over a story from the bible, in the order in which they appear in the book, and we compare the original ancient Hebrew text with the 1611 King James English translation. We try and get into the minds of the writers and audience, by breaking down the text with historical, social and political context.

We are Omri Harel and Gil Kidron, two Israeli writers, and podcasters, obsessed with history and politics of all kinds. We are native Hebrew speakers who live in Tel Aviv, the secular capital of Israel, a country that sees itself as the direct descendent of those biblical times, and is still seeped with biblical traditions of all kinds.

Your support allows us to dedicate more time to this cool project, and see it through all the way to the very last story of the bible. 

Thank you for visiting our Patreon page and for considering joining our community.
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