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If you want to treat me to a Twix/want to give a lil bit of money, this tier is for you! I advise ignoring all the other tiers, this one is the most sensible. You do this tier once a month you still have enough cash for yourself. I mean, the $2/$3 tiers are the same as this but this one is way more reasonable for both of us. Think of it this way, look at how many Twix (Twixes, Twixi?) you can buy with $3. Imagine giving some random dude $3 worth of Twix every month. Don't get me started on the $5 tier. $5 worth of Twix every month would be nice but don't waste it on me. I don't even like Twix.

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Aw that's nice. Instead of giving me enough for a Twix, I get to choose what I want from the shops? How sweet. Accidental pun.

Reminder that this is $2 a month though. If you do want to give me money I would prefer it if everyone chose the $1 tier. You don't need to go higher than this honestly.

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Listen. I know I said in the first tier that $3 is the same as the $1 tier but this is a little bit much. If you really want to, feel free to spend $3 a month on me. I personally think that's a pretty generous amount to give every month but hey, it's not my money you're spending. Go nuts.




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About bibot

My name is Tom and I run the YouTube channel bibot. is a dumb way of saying it. You run a company, I have a YouTube channel. It's not like I built this thing with my bare hands the way you build a company with your bare hands. I felt like making a YouTube channel so I did it. I wonder if that's how Walt Disney felt. There must have been some planning behind the whole Disney thing, if he was just improvising the whole time that'd be very impressive. 

He obviously had people helping him though. Ooh, good segue into why I'm on Patreon. Didn't mean for that to happen but that was smooth as all heck.

I made this Patreon for people who respect artists... Hm, that sounds a lil arrogant and tad bit pretentious, hang on. I made this Patreon for people who think creative types deserve a bit of cash for their work. Bit better. To get to the point, if you enjoy my work and want to give me some of the green stuff (money) then you can, here! I don't want people to feel pressured to give so the "rewards" are all very...not boring but...they're...they're there. Small behind the scenes for my videos and early access/sneak previews are all I'm aiming for but I'm open to any suggestions.

And that's it! I've done the about section! According to Patreon, I will now be working on the membership tiers! You can already see them because time is funny like that. Tell me what tomorrow is like, just kidding, tomorrow doesn't exist! Just like that song from Bugsy Malone. That song does exist I mean, not that the song doesn't exist but, like, tomorrow is a concept. You get what I mean.

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