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About Gabrielle Barboteau

Hi! My name is Gabrielle, and I make video games (and other things, like music and fiction)!

I made a ton of games, including (in no particular order):
Magical Girl Disorder, a socially realistic take on the Magical Girl trope.
Hiroba, a puzzle-game about mixing colors made by and for colorblind people.
Tidying Up With Marie Kondo - The Unofficial Game, an interactive episode of the eponymous Netflix show.
Polyamorous Relationships, a puzzle-game about... Polyamorous relationships.
I Have No Spoons And I Must Survive In A Capitalist Society, a simulation about the ways mental illness can affect your daily life.
Kate's Crush, an (erotic) interactive fiction about dating, wlw solidarity and awkward situations.

My most recent works include Timmy Can't Punch (a rogue-lite where you can't attack enemies), Body Melody (a sensorial and sensual exploration game) and Tidying Up With Marie Kondo - The Unofficial Game.

I'm currently working on two big projects:
- Bite The Dust, a Puzzle-FPS about time loops and psychosis, which I'll hopefully be able to showcase soon.
- Forever Home, a small narrative RPG about transidentity, mental illness, and abuse, that I describe as a mix between a 16-bit era JRPG and a psychological survival horror. You can see the first steps of its development in this twitter thread.

These two projects are in their very early stages, and I think I'll have to work at least a year on them before a release. Of course, I'll be able to spend more time and energy on them if I have more money (nothing fancy, just enough to pay rent and food), that's why I'm opening this Patreon!

I also want to keep making smaller games, where I can experiment with new things and improve my skills. My goal with this Patreon is to be able to be comfortable enough financially to spend a few days per month on something small, weird, and/or new: as much as possible, I'll try to release one of these every months.

Aside from video games, I'm making music (which you can listen here) and short stories (they're not totally ready yet, but I can't wait to show them!).

I'm not financially stable, and working on my projects (let alone releasing them!) can be difficult. I opened this Patreon to try to fix this, and every contribution counts toward my goal! The more stable I get, the more I'll work on my projects and release new things. If you ever enjoyed my games and/or want to see what I'll create next, please consider becoming one of my Patrons! <3
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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