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About Big Ed Magusson

Since 2009 I’ve been writing Chris Coulter stories in Nick Scipio’s Summer Camp Universe. I release them at BE’s Place, and while they’ve been fun, they’ve been a lower priority than stories for sale. The Coulterverse Patreon allows me to continue to write and release stories about the Coulters.

What’s the Coulterverse?
The Coulterverse are stories about the Coulters, reviewed and blessed by Nick Scipio. So far, they've all been about Chris, but future stories will focus on the adventures of other family members as well, such as Leah, Kara, Elizabeth, and Victor.

These stories complement and expand the Summer Camp Universe. The Coulterverse stories stand on their own, but they also give insights into Nick's main story and cover events that Paul isn’t aware of or that happen off-screen.

How Does It Work?
I'll release stories in 3-5,000 word chapters. Some stories may be a single installment, while others might be significantly longer. Most will be about two chapters. I’ll write them in and around my other projects so I won't have a regular schedule.

As a result, Patronage is per chapter.

That means you only get charged when I release a chapter. If I don't release a chapter in a given month, there's no charge. If I release two, then you get charged twice (billing is at the end of the month). So far (as of July 2018), there is only one month where I've released two chapters and plenty where I've released none.

I have released two stories (Something New and Paris) here first which will be available on BE’s Place in early 2019, because they complete the main Chris Coulter story arc. All other Coulterverse stories will only be released here or as ebooks for purchase.

What Are You Waiting For?
Get access to the several stories today. I’ll release the more stories in the coming months. I’ll also keep patrons updated on what story I’m working on.

Want a Custom Story?
Do you want to read about a certain character or location? Have two (or more) of your favorites end up together? A limited number of people can choose who and what they do. Check out the Coulter In-Law and Coulter Kid rewards if that’s your thing.
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All stories will be accompanied by a one page comic, thematically linked. See the Cover Stories comics at ThinkNudeComics for examples of such one page comics.
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