Danny Djeljosevic is creating Big Fucking Hammer

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You're awesome and you rule, so we'll also put your name on a special page on the site so everybody knows and you'll get a high-res PDF and/or CBR file of each chapter the day the first page goes l...

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Access to exclusive updates, sketches from Diana, behind-the-scenes process material, links to monthly Big Fucking Hammer Spotify playlists from Danny, and other ~secret missives~

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Get a download link to a PDF and CBR of each completed issue a week before I put the first page on the website for everyone else. Plus the mailing list updates.

Despicable Meme

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Danny will mail you an original index card-size sketch of a Minion from the Pixar film The Minions smoking weed. ($4.20 tier only)

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We'll mail you a button (pictured above) and a notecard sketch (by Danny). You also get a digital copy of Final Derby, a one-shot futuristic roller derby manga that Diana and I made last y...

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You'll get PDFs of every comic Danny has made thus far that he has the rights to. Plus the pin, mailing list updates and such.

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You'll get a physical copy of Final Derby. Plus the pin, mailing list updates, digital comics, and such.

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You’ll get a print illustrated by Diana and mailed to you. Size 11x17. Plus the pin, Final Derby physical copy, mailing list updates, digital comics, monthly digital artwork, and such.