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About Janelle Bighinatti

My artwork is about the intersection where two worlds meet... the inner world and the outer world, the past and the present, chemistry and creativity, the spiritual life and the creative life. Spanning visual art, writing, metalwork, and textiles, the art I create is directly inspired by history, such as the Art Deco era with the jewelry I make, the ancient architecture I love to photograph, and experiences I am drawn to such as pilgrimage and retreats. 

You will find me rotating projects every few months, circling back around to expand on one that has often been in development for years. 

Ongoing art projects in various stages include: 

  • Crafting a trilogy of 8 day self-guided spiritual retreats and in-person retreats for Artists, rooted in the best of modern + historic Christian monastic spirituality, to strengthen the Artist (read: anyone who creates) to meet the challenges of a creative life. 
  • Photo essays that highlight the work and mission of Living History museums around the U.S., in particular their research and preservation of historical arts and industries. 
  • A series of large watercolor paintings centered around my 7 day pilgrimage walking the Camino route in Burgundy, France. 
  • A series of watercolor paintings inspired by the story of The Little Prince, and incorporating photographs I have made of antique aircrafts. 
  • A series of watercolor paintings taking detail shots I have made of ancient paintings of Mary, and creating a new image reminiscent of the look of stained glass. 

I thrive on learning about the creative alchemy expressed throughout history, by artist friends, and in my own backyard, which I write about on my Art Blog, The Great Art of Light and Shadow: https://arsmagnalucisetumbrae.com

Please join me in supporting my journey through creating evocative photographs and paintings and writing, and in my exploration of the alchemy of the creative spirit far and wide. 

Love and light, 

Janelle Bighinatti 

Bighinatti Studios


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Professional grade watercolor paint comes in tiny tubes of concentrated pigment. Reaching this goal will allow me to purchase two tubes of the highest quality watercolor paint. I currently have only four colors, which I am using for my Ave Maria painting series no. 3. I especially look forward to obtaining a yellow ochre for my painting series no. 1, & a deep magenta for painting series no. 4.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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