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About Big Impact Radio

Who, What, and Why is the Big Impact Podcast?

Our culture has more than enough garbage floating in the either these days. If someone desperately wants to find negative, trashy, hollow, pointless drivel, the search will be a short and easy one. 

We created the Big Impact Podcast to celebrate the positive thinkers, innovators, givers of wisdom and insight - some of whom are famous and some you've never heard of.

What are we doing with these people? Simple. Talking to them. Learning. Listening. Improving. Appreciating.

The Big Impact is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with people of insight influence intelligence and inspiration, some of whom are well known and others who, though fairly anonymous, have a powerful and encouraging story to share.

What's so special about that idea? There are plenty of interview podcasts.

True, but none like ours. Our hope is that our audience will help grow the Big Impact impact by joining us on Patreon and sharing the team effort with others close to you.

Imagine being part of a team that doesn't just sit idly by and listen, but actually invests in the causes our guests present and being part of the effort to inject positive content into a culture that needs it so badly!
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There's something extra unique about the Big Impact Podcast - we're giving back!

Our goal is to donate to the various causes our guests discuss on the program. From homelessness to adoption to addiction recovery and so much more, we'll send 50% of the support you share on to those causes!
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