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Cheese for Boris!

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Boris loves cheese, and now that you have given him some - you sure are his best friend (ours too)! In return, we'd like to give something back. So here's what you'll get:

- Early access to our videos - 1 week before they come out!

- Exclusive updates.

- Digital postcard from our Big Little Life family.

- A big tale wag by Boris and a cheeky smile from Oliver! 

Come for a ride!

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We'll give more cheese for Boris once he forgets about the last one, but nevertheless - he's rolling in the sand, stoked as, and we all are having a happy dance! Thank you and welcome aboard! Beep beep. We want to take you for a ride, and trust us - it's gonna be a good one! You can expect: 

- Everything in the previous tier.

- Join us on a monthly live video aka digital ride on a bus! You'll get to ask us questions and meet us (almost) in person!

- We'll post you a Big Little Life sticker and a personalised Thank You letter! 

Golden ticket

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Remember when Willy Wonka sent out golden tickets to his chocolate factory? Well, this is just as good.
Ok, we don't have a chocolate factory in the bus, nor the umpa lumpas (although Chris can do some Umpa Lumpa dance after a few glasses of wine).
But we have Boris, cheese & wine, Ollie's wooden toys, lots of funny adventure stories to tell and some dark chocolate (we always make sure there's plenty in our pantry - told ya, we're almost Willy Wonka!). 

The golden ticket also gives you:

- Everything in the previous tiers 

- Our manual for handcrafting a motorhome.

- Special offers and discounts for our services & products on our eco shop.

- A postcard & a polaroid photo posted from us with a golden ticket too!

- An actual tour on our bus whenever you'll bump into us on the road (you'll have to present your ticket). Then we'll open a bottle of wine, Boris will share his cheese and Oliver will give you plenty of cuddles! 



About Big Little Life

Hello Everyone! 

We are Chris, Vaida, Oliver and Boris - a little family striving for BIG things! 

We created Big Little Life with a vision to spark positive change in society for people to live happier and more sustainable lives. We minimised our stuff, ditched our debt, unplugged ourselves from the grid and hand crafted a bus into a home - home on wheels! Now we are taking it on a tour around Australia and capturing our everyday adventures packed in videos, photos and blog articles. 

As a family, we decided to focus on what we value in life and use those values to define success. We want to send a message to everyday people that changing your life for the better is possible and it’s not about being antiestablishment or a hippy. It’s about realising that life should be lived according to your terms and what you want to achieve.

We love outdoor activities and nature, so there's plenty of adventure in our everyday life. We are passionate about environment and protecting it, yet we learn something new everyday and are willing to share it with others too. 

Chris is an environmental scientist and biologist. Vaida is a graphic designer, online business owner, style enthusiast and sustainable fashion nerd. 

We both have combined our experiences, skills, passions and talent to help others build sustainable business & change their lifestyles. We want to share it all in our videos too, so by becoming our PATRON and supporting each episode we make, will allow us to do so. 

Traveling around Australia in our motorhome as a family comes with its costs, challenges and sometimes, even, risks. We also don't want to work with big companies that don't suit us, and say no to those sponsorship deals that never feel quite right. Because of our PATRONS we can continue focusing on what we value and making this slow living on the road possible for us to live.

But what's most important - we want to continue bringing even more value in our videos, and blog articles to you all. We would love to help others in need and participate in amazing activities that focus on fighting the climate change and protecting our planet, so by becoming our PATRON you would take a huge part in that too! THANK YOU! 

Come and join us for the ride. We promise plenty of adventure and something new to learn for us all!

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When we reach 500 patrons we'll launch a special sustainability podcast followed up by videos and blog posts.

There we'll talk all things sustainability in business and everyday life. We'll be interviewing successful, sustainable business owners and activists. Yet there's always more to unfold! 
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