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W H O   A M    I  ?

I want my life to portray the essence of forgiveness, courage, and peace. All my life I have craved more than what had been offered through the world. The complacent sound of the city I was raised in became too loud and chaotic. I could no longer remain stagnant, I desired a change within my heart, mind, body and soul. 

I desire to be undeniably me and unafraid of the opinions others may have of me. Too long I have hidden behind the desires of others and had a masquerade of lies that I claimed as my identity.

What I write is not for you, but I hope you can find breakthrough in it. I hope you may find freedom through my experiences. Because for too long, you have been hidden--and the world was made for you to be free. 


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When I reach $100 a month, with the help of you lovely gypsies, I will post a video of me singing an original song! 
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