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The idea for this podcast came about over a year ago, while we were discussing the seemingly infinite ways in which dread and despair over the state of the world had taken hold of us, personally, and also our community of colleagues, peers, students, and friends in the Environmental Studies program at Humboldt State University. Madi graduated from the program in 2018 and Sarah teaches in and runs the program. Over the years, we had a lot of conversations in class and outside of class about the need for more existential support for students learning about—and often experiencing first-hand—the effects of climate change and environmental injustice. Sarah’s research has moved in the direction of thinking more about the emotional dimensions of climate injustice, especially for what might be called “the climate generation” in the U.S. And Madi has worked in several ways to integrate these existential questions into her creative and work life, from baking to volunteer work, and perhaps one day, a degree in psychology.

We intend this podcast to be helpful to people who, like us and many members of our academic and social communities, seek tools to sustain our energy, passion, and resilience in the face of a lot of multi-layered “crises.”

We know that many individuals and communities are experiencing the despair or trauma associated with climate change and other environmental injustices. We believe in cultivating awareness of and solidarity around these feelings, even as they may be quite different for different people, depending on life experience, where you come from, and the nature of the climate trauma. We focus here on fostering dialogue about the emotions we all may feel surrounding climate change and other environmental injustice.

It is buoying to hear from others about how they continue their work despite feelings of dread or loss or hopelessness. It is healing to hear about possibilities for experiencing pleasure, humor, and desire amidst all of this, too. This is one way of creating a toolbox, and a network of sorts, for folx who seek to live—even thrive—on a rapidly changing planet.

Join us as we explore experiences of eco-grief and other emotions in a white supremacist-capitalist-<wbr>patriarchal- climate-changed world through a series of interviews with eco-grievers of various sorts: youth, artists, educators, direct action activists, policymakers, psychologists, scientists, journalists, and more.

Adapting to climate change is an emotional endeavor. We welcome each of you to listen and thank you for joining us in this conversation.

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