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Everybody that donates 5 bucks to our cause will gain access to a monthly bonus episode. We'll be doing something fairly different for these episodes, but they'll still be 100% Husker and 100% irreverent. Maybe (maybe) since these episodes won't be on HuskerMax, we'll bring back some certain words that we're no longer allowed to say. People who contribute at this level will also get to reap the benefits that will come with having a better podcast!
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About The Cobcast Fellas

Ryan Tweedy and Pat Janssen are Nebraskan natives living in Hollywood. They're also comedians and huge Husker fans. And they're both taller than they look. Very little stops them from saying what's on their minds about the Big Red. Some things (alcohol) accelerate their thoughts on game days. A mixture of in-the-moment thoughts on fall Saturdays, everyman analysis in season and out, and interviews with royalty from inside the Husker kingdom and out (Taylor Martinez, Matt Davison, Charlie McBride, Milt Tenopir, Grant Wistrom, Tim Miles, Jack McVeigh, Kent Pavelka, Faux Pelini, Greg Sharpe, Darnay Holmes, Eric Warfield, Aaron Taylor, Ralph Brown, Larry Culpepper, Matt Herian, Chris & Chad Kelsay, Keyshawn Johnson Jr & Sr, Tristan Gebbia, Mike Riley, Eric Lueshen, Adam Carriker, astronaut Clayton Anderson, former Michigan State and NFL quarterback Tony Banks, and a whole lot more), the Big Red Cobcast is a splash of something different in the Husker pool. Also along for the ride is the guys' buddy and resident burnout Joe Canale. And occasionally joining in the fun are fellow Nebraskans and comedians Bob Wiltfong (The Daily Show, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Patrick Tamisiea, Chad Fogland and more!

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We will reach out to a podcast for every opponent we have and challenge them to a roast. At the very least we will tell them why the Nebraska Cornhuskers are the greatest.
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