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Galley Slave / Bicycle Beater

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Galley Slaves are essential crew, because they help the ship get underway when there is little wind in the sails!  Bicycle Beaters keep the rubber on the road, because something is always breaking.  This tier puts food on the table, keeps parts in the bin, and oars in the water.

Deck Crew / Shammy

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Deck Crew make life easier, because single handed sailing is a challenge.  A good Shammy serves the same purpose, only, where it really counts!!

Piper / Chaser

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Pipers keep everything jolly, because we dance to their tune.  Chasers keep the team ahead of the pack, so we reach the finish line together!




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About Bike & Sail Classical

My name is Jack Waldron (aka Detroit Jack). I am currently cycling to ancient cities around the world. I am researching, photographing and writing I explore (approximately 300 ancient cities already explored). All of this is shared to the public free of charge here and on my blogs.

Bike & Sail Classical has an international educational mission, which is carried out through touring to ancient sites around the world by Bicycle and Sailboat; and, sharing information on these sites, environmental status, related humanities, architectural information, and so on, through both the Bike Classical and Sail Classical (I will purchase a sailboat in 2022) websites:

My Bike Classical posts can be found here:

My Sail Classical posts can be found here:

I would like to ask you for your support:
I offer my photography free of charge upon request, (and accreditation to my name and site address).  Currently, I work as a teacher in whichever country I am touring in order to support the mission. I am hoping to expand the number of months Bike & Sail Classical spends in the field through your sponsorship and support.

Expanding the Classical (environmentally minded) Transport:
Tour cycling is an integral aspect of the Classical mode of transport that will continue to be used, HOWEVER, in the next 2 years I will add an additional mode of transport to the Classical Family: a Bavaria 46 Cruiser sailboat. This will be the Classical home for the rest of my life, and will be used as a base to continue the exploration of ancient cities around the planet.  Also, tour cycling will continue from the boat.

Purchasing Bavaria 46 Cruiser sailboat:
The lone means of supporting Bike Classical over the past 7 years has been through teaching in the countries I am tour cycling (currently Ankara, Turkey). In order to purchase a sailboat, I will need the support of Patreons. The 2 year goal is to have a functioning sailboat that can support the Bike & Sail Classical Mission, and also welcome aboard fellow tour cyclist, Patreon supporters, guest crew, ancient city enthusiasts, and more.  This is the dream.

Bike Classical Mission Statement:
The educational mission of Bike Classical is to call on the humanities through thinking on ancient literature, philosophical, historical and architectural being, while acting environmentally and sharing globally. Bike Classical builds on several fronts: First, Promote analytical thinking through cultural exchange via educational gatherings and technological forums. Second, demonstrate healthy alternative journeys, through biking, communicating and discovering. Third, appreciate and build awareness of difference, while examining common challenges facing our planet.

Thank you so much for supporting the mission!

PS. Videos will be an extensive added feature in the not too distant future.
$9 of $1,001 per creation
Since beginning the Bike Classical Mission I have had to rent a storage space in Portland, OR., which costs me $300 per month.  I hope to cover this cost through Patreon.

My ancient city cycle touring is currently limited to 2 months per year, as I must earn money to support the mission. It costs me about $250 per week to cycle, including camping equipment, cycle repairs, food, park fees, etc., but not including catastrophic health insurance (that I need, but do not have), and, the sailboat will most likely add to costs.

I am saving for the purchase of a Bavaria 46 Sailboat. My lone means of supporting Bike Classical over the past 7 years has been through teaching in the countries I am tour cycling (currently Ankara, Turkey). In order to purchase a Bavaria 46 sailboat, I will need support from Patreons. My 60th birthday goal; to have a functioning sailboat that can support the Classical Mission, and also welcome aboard Patreon crew and tour cyclists, generate enough Patreon income for equipment, sailboat maintenance, VLOG creation equipment (now only blogging), and living expenses. This is the dream. I am hoping to reach an additional $1500 monthly following the purchase of the boat, which will allow around the year weekly VLOGing for the Classical Mission (see the Bike & Sail Classical Mission Statement:

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and I hope to have you on board!! Jack
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