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You bring me happiness and the ability to cycle longer and create more content.

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⁍ You can talk in the Q&A channel.

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A star that shines a navigational light, you will get the ability to influence my content!

⁍ Tier 1

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- You can write me in the Subject channel and give ideas on what to talk about in my vlogs. Ask any question and I'll answer it!

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This is where it gets serious! First off you would value me as much as Netflix or Spotify, that is an honor. If you choose this tier you'll be able to decide what to do in specific areas.

$10 is what I spend per day in most countries, to get them from you makes me take my hat off.

⁍ Tier 1 & 2

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- You can write in the Engage-channel, where you give ideas on what to do in specific areas.

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Did you come here to see if you want to give me the ability to buy some cookies =D ?

Before I munch away on chocolate chip cookies, let's read this:

Through Bikeflow I tell my story of how I separated from all that I held dear and stood up for an idea I got many years ago; that the world is awesome! I share it two times weekly with you, directly from the road. It's mostly videos at YouTube, this is where it's interesting.

Other parts are: photos through Instagram, statistics at Strava and blogs over at

When you support me you help me create new content, travel to new destinations and meet interesting people. Even a small amount every month drips in to the big pond. My part-time goal is to make it financially possible, from there we go to the moon^^

Discord server:
We live in the digital age and you're very welcome (extremely welcome) to support me without joining my Discord server but I encourage you to do so, here's why!

For me to be able to share all my content through one platform, I started a Discord server.

- Discord is a freeware voice-over-Internet Protocol application for communities.
English: A chat platform for your internet browser, computer desktop or tablet/phone where you can integrate with me and other people about traveling, cycling, my content -> basically what ever you want.

I know new stuff can be scary but I too was a child to this stuff. I believe that communication between creator and viewer is key for both of us to get as much as possible out of what we both want, so:

In my Discord server you'll be able to talk directly to me and other interested in my content. As a Patron; you can suggest things for me to do along my route, topics to talk about, places to visit and people to meet. This brings you in to the creation and you get to see what you cherish the most.

In the Discord server there's a Patreon-Exclusive channel for Patrons only.
As of now you will be able to do what is stated in the tiers.
In a couple of months I'll start posting cut out scenes, future plans and photos in the Patreon-Exclusive channel.

If you press this link you are taken directly to my Discord server for you to get familiar with it. There's a FAQ for usage and if you have any questions just post them in the main-chat :)
I'll be there within a couple of hours to help you out, if not directly.
Even if you don't become my Patron; the more members we get, the more stuff we can do and share.

Everybody can join my discord channel but a Patron has its privileges, as posted in the tiers.
$13.39 of $400 per month
$400 is what I average while on the road (depending on country of course). When we reach this level I'll be able to create more content since I have more freedom to move around and take in to hotels if needed.
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