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Who's this Bilal guy and why a patreon?
Hello! It's Bilal and I've been helping people for nearly a decade access their creativity and find hopeful communities to grow with. I've helped establish and supported hackerspaces* in Ann Arbor, Baghdad, Beirut, Cairo, Morocco and more. I've given dozens of talks and workshops around the world. But I have a problem.

In all these years I have not discovered a sustainable source of funding for my work. Partially because I wanted to grow slowly and more grassroots. Partially because I need operations, finance, and implementation support for the initiative. But mostly because I'm afraid of asking. 

So here I am. Have you seen my work? Have you been inspired by the questions about consumption, creativity, community, collaboration, what is the good life, where are we going, do we want to go there? I've been at different times a proponent and a critic (constructive I hope!) of the "Maker" movement. 

With some funds coming in regularly I hope to smooth out my income, and really take a stand for the questions I want to ask. To find my people who are willing to ask and support these conversations. And really to take my work as seriously as it can be taken. With great humor and joy of course! 

Thank you so much for reading this far, and anything helps! 

I plan to write one essay a month for my 1 and 5 dollar backers to enjoy. A monthly video released early for the 5-10 dollar backers. And for the 20+ backers both of the above, plus a quarterly package of goodies collected on my travel :). Perhaps some new essential oils, or interesting bits of pottery or blown glass, or a painting :D

Thank you for listening and I hope to continue to create and share beauty with your help for years to come. :)

*shared community workshops
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100 Dollars a month means I can call myself a professional writer and offers me time to dedicate to understand and write about my experience :)
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