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is creating Games, Glitches, Animation, Videos, Spiral Hyperforms, Art, Dead
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About ◄♦► Moga ◄♦►

Blood coursing in my bones
I stare at it and feel the torch
bare it all as it singes skin and become  bathed in sin
charred skin is the badge i bear

Belial, and other hosts above the air

Desires of the Flesh, translated into patterns and tones.
Bleed this mud to become more than form and reign above
♥I hope that this point in time is pleasant and prosperous for you, and if not i hope your situation improves soon.♥

                 SITES AND CONTACT

mainsite: luminal.zone

discord: bilexth#0729 

18+ community for those that wanna hang out and chill

EMAIL[ [email protected]]

NEWGROUNDS[ https://bilexth.newgrounds.com/ ]

                                   ABOUT ME

I've done art nearly my entire adult life in various forms, studied science and technology to be able to build interactive experiences,  adapted my craft  and philosophies into many types of media.
Some of it recognized, some of it not.
Some where I bear it all, and some where i keep my secrets tightly bound to me.
I've been in galleries for my games, and paintings. I've had the privilege to collaborate with many talented musicians and artists. Most recently I've collaborated with Winterwolves making background art~ which has been great.
Despite great misfortune for me, which has been often and sometimes broken me down to a pain-ridden organism barely capable of thought or reaction since my health isn't the best- I have continued to make art in whatever form I can manage to strangle out.
 Fortunately, things are a little bit more stable now. It informs a lot of my work though, and has only made me more passionate about what I make. It also has caused me to not post my work as much as I could have however, even if I am always actively working on something and trying to further my skills.

I don't expect anything, in fact I rather people enjoy whatever I put out freely and in the manner of their choosing. Money is hard won nowadays, and kinda tough to come by. However- you can help me continue to create and collaborate with your contribution in any manner you seem appropriate- literally anything is greatly appreciated, and needed.
I make all my living around making content whenever I can. 
I take patreon contributions, paypal, bitcoin, requests, commissions, comments, and appreciate some good conversation as well, so don't be shy friend~ 

That said, thank you for reading, and checking out my patreon.

To see my content and check me out on social media, please follow the links below. Follows, likes, signal boosting, and whatever is all encouraged and appreciated.

witches are the dominant organisms on this earth.
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This will pay a large portion of my monthly expenses: Which include food, medical expenses, and miscellaneous expenses. If we get here, I'll work on making more frequent content. Not only that, you're helping someone live. How cool is that?
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