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Bilford and I (Jani) met through facebook. I moved down to south carolina to be with him. Its best life decision i have ever made. I do miss home though and family. I usually make bad choices and this is the best one and happy i did it. We are starting from literally nothing and growing into something that will hopefully be successful. I frequently go live and sell bilfords wooden rings and i do games to win them. I also do faux tarot readings and karaoke. I come from a troubled background but I will not let it define me anymore. I am very open and honest about addiction and mental health and how it is to live each day with both. I just am who i am. nothing special. Now on the other hand we have the amazing Bilfordcorn. When i met him he was very shy. On the phone he was a smooth talker. With a big ego. which i love and hate. He has played semi pro football. Has 2 college degrees. Has won pokemon world championship. He is a very hard worker and hardly rests. He commits himself to his handcraftsmanship and his full time job as a correctional officer 100%. Right now he makes bentwood rings for extra cash. I dont see him as often as I would like. He is pretty great. Hes the rarest pokemon you can find "the amazing bilfordcorn". He has helped me so much in my recovery and learning to be a good citizen. I enjoy going live on facebook and he enjoys making the rings. I love each and every one of my followers. I also am interested in paranormal stuff such as ouija boards or trying to communicate with the other side. i like travelling and dumpster diving. i am not scared to be who i am. i may not have a lot but i am happy where i am at. Bilford has many talents and i love seeing his new creations he comes up with. He is also writing a novel. We both love food and music and football. Other than that we are totally separate. I didnt know that i would meet some of the coolest selfless people through facebook. Thank you everyone. 
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