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About Bilingual NY

I'm a podcast obsessive and when I lived in Japan, I struggled to find an easy-to-listen podcast where I could learn Japanese while riding the train, doing errands, or working out, so I decided to make one!

Practicing listening is a crucial aspect and one of the hardest things to practice! Even once you're fine in basic one-on-one conversation, trying to keep up with native speakers can be overwhelming. With podcasts though you can re-listen when you miss something, and slow down or speed up the audio to adjust the difficulty of what you're listening to. (Contact me if you want recommendations for apps that let you do that :))

But studying is also about repetition, staying organized and staying motivated. By donating $5 or more a month, I'll keep things organized for you and make it as easy to study as possible. I'll give you access to quiz questions prepared for each episode so you can check your listening comprehension and vocabulary, and also an anki deck where you can review the vocabulary and grammar discussed in the episode.

Please help me help you study!
$5.88 of $200 per month
Will start releasing a weekly patreon-exclusive podcast feed where you can work your way through (or review) all of the vocabulary and grammar you need to pass the JPLT N4 exam, with terms and grammar presented in context in interesting stories.
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