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Ask anyone... they'll tell you. I'll do lots of stuff for five bucks. If you're willing to toss me a five-spot, you'll get:
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About Bill Ludwig

Hey, hi.

I’m Bill Ludwig. I’ve been writing songs since my high school punk band in 1988. At the time, I wanted nothing more than to be an artist… a cartoonist or illustrator. Underground comics. I started college, but life has a way of making it’s own plans and my family went through some major tragedies. My sister was in an accident and required 24-hour care and my mom got cancer. Ultimately, my sister moved away to be closer to my dad and my mom passed away, leaving me with a choice: continue to chase what felt like an impossible dream of becoming an artist or drop out of school, work full-time and take over the mortgage on my mom’s house.

Over the following 15 years, I worked two (sometimes three) jobs to make ends meet. I also met the love of my life, got married and am raising three sons, still in mom’s house. In my little free time, I continued to write music - now almost entirely singer-songwriter/acoustic tunes - mostly so I’d have something to listen to in my car on my long commute to work.

In 2013, right around my 40th birthday, I decided it was time to finally get serious and get my music out there for people to hear. Over the following months, all of my spare time was spent writing and demoing new songs with the intent of making a legitimate album. In the Summer of 2014, I went into the studio and knocked out 10 songs, got them mixed and mastered and started drawing some artwork for an album cover. “The Elephant” was released in Fall 2014. Those who heard it, loved it. I even lined up a few live sets - one at a town fair and another at a local chili cook off, hehe. Again, both well received.

In 2015, I followed the same process - writing new songs and going into the studio - ultimately culminating in “Motivator”, a series of songs with old-fashioned Americana structures but with modern day subject matter. I played a few more live sets and again, everything was very well received.

I got a bit more ambitious in 2016… this time recruiting a couple of guys I had jammed with to fill out my new songs with bass and drums. Released under the group name MARMO, I again self-released the album ‘A Week Of Mondays” followed by more live sets and a few more albums being sold.

Keep in mind, this is all weekend warrior stuff. I have a full-time job, a wife and three kids to keep me away from music. This was all done having only a few hours a week to put into it while trying not to alienate the family or impact the day gig.

In May, 2017 I released a new album of songs called ‘One Hundred Miles Of Bad Road’. This album is the first where I played almost every song live in front of an audience before stepping into the studio to record. I really think this method resulted in a much more impactful set of songs, with better performances and more dynamic songwriting.

In March, 2018 I was nominated and officially became the Town Troubadour of Manchester, Connecticut. In this honorary role (read: not paid), I am a public ambassador for music and arts in my community. I am expected to write a few tunes about my town and perform at several town functions. My first idea to bring music directly to the people was to create a program called "Troubadour-To-Door", where I literally go to someone's house and perform a song on their front step. I've performed dozens of these songs now, and love it more than anything.

Anyway, so now I’m starting a Patreon as all of the above has generated very little money to justify the amount of time I’m putting into making music. I get plenty of Youtube views and comments and some feedback on the Facebook page, etc. There’s a nice level of enthusiasm, but I want nothing more than to pull back a bit from the day job and put more time into getting this music out of my head and into your ears. And I can’t take this thing to the next level without your support.

If you like what you see and hear, please consider contributing.
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Let me tell you... Having twenty people willing to directly support me with their hard-earned dollars would be amazing. It would allow me to focus less time on chasing paid gigs to support myself and more time on creating new music! With 20 supporters I will release one new song per month - exclusively for you, my dear Patrons.
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