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About Billythebrick Cosplay

Who am I?
My name is Will. I'm a cosplayer and prop maker as well as a dad of two little geeks. While my first cosplay was technically a Star Trek: The Next Generation jumpsuit for the 5th anniversary of ST:TNG, cosplaying with my son (who is now five) and, soon, my daughter (who is two) is what really sparked a renewed interest for me. I've been seriously making costumes and props since my son was born with a dream of eventually doing it full-time.

In October of 2016, I was laid off from my IT job of 12 years, and I decided to go all the way! While I fully plan to make cosplay and props for the rest of my life, I'd love to be able to spend more time on it, make better things, and give back to the community with tutorials, videos, and more. If you'd like to help make my dream a reality, support an artist, and get some early-access and free stuff along the way, become a patron! I could never thank you enough!

What Can You Expect?

As you may have guessed from the above, you can expect to find a wide variety of stuff going on here. I sew and make my own patterns. I model and print 3D accessories and props. I make blueprints. I make props out of foam and wood and whatever else works. I make foam helmets and armor. I make molds and cast things. As a patron, you'll get to see behind-the-scenes on all of the things I work on. There will be polls to help me decide what to do next. There will be secret cosplays and commissions that only patrons know about until they are revealed (there are several in progress right now!).

This is Not a Paywall
Obviously, at certain levels my patrons are paying for access and physical rewards, but I do not plan to keep any of my content (tutorials, videos, photos, etc.) away from the public. As a thank you for supporting me, patrons get early access to these things, but eventually, they all become free to the public because my main goal is always to give back to the community. Timelines for the exclusivity period will vary depending on the type of the content. For example, I'll usually post a tutorial video publicly a week or so after patrons get it, but on a big, secret cosplay build, patrons may get behind the scenes photos and videos for months before I unveil it to the public.

And, for some of my backer levels, in addition to digital rewards and coupons, you'll also get fun stuff sent to you in the mail! Hopefully, like me, you'll never get bored with so much going on and you'll learn a ton of stuff on my journey with me.

Where Does Your Money Go?
I'll be doing all sorts of things. I love costuming and prop making. And I love experimenting and learning new things. I want to build a full fledged workshop. I want to do more videos and streaming. All of those things take time, money, equipment, and resources. Your support helps make those things a reality. I also plan to do more professional photoshoots and attend more conventions (where I can do panels to share more of what I do and know with more people and meet people).

Want Some More Examples?
If you want to see more of the kinds of things I'm doing, follow any of the links below.

I want this Patreon to be a living thing, so any feedback or suggestions on what you'd like to see or things that would make becoming a patron more appealing, please let me know!
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Video Upgrade #1
I'll add a camera (not just my built in webcam) to my video setup for better streaming.
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