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Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by, please check out all the cool stuff I have going on to really find out what I'm about.  If you're really curious, I did write a little bio of who I am and where I'm coming from... A tad on my professional experience and what I'm planning on doing.  Thanks again for checking out my page!

I am a long time game developer leaving the corporate game development scene.  I have worked within game studios on small and large projects and I finally believe it is time to break away and start working on my own creations where I am not limited by the organization I am working for.  While that sounds all fine and dandy, I have cut off my primary source of income to tread the path of the unknown, hence, I am looking for support in my endeavor.  So, please, browse around, check out what I'm up to, if you can afford to support me I'd really appreciate it.  If not, I also willingly accept words of encouragement. (I want and need them, Siege is a huge project) Oh yeah!  Check out Siege, it's a MOBA/kingdom builder that features AAA quality game play and intuitive design.  A playable demo is in the works.  Lots more on Siege soon to come!
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Thank you so much for your support!  Every dollar counts!

Yours counts the most though. (don't tell everyone else)

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Congratulations!  You just fed me dinner for three days! There's a lot more progress when my stomach isn't growling over my thoughts. Thank you, Hero.
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Do you know what this means! You're seriously the best and now permanently grandfathered in to all my future productions and I'm definitely looking forward to hearing what you have to say on the discord server.
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This will take a load off of my plate. I'll be able to eat all month and spend all of my time devoted to getting the Siege demo closer to production.
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