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Part time-traveller, part identity crisis, always making things.

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Milestone Goals
$200 per video
Higher frequency vlogs. We're talking several times a week instead of once or twice.
$500 per video
A new series exclusive to Bingradio. It might be a podcast or a recurring video concept. I have a few ideas I love, but I need the resources to make them happen.
$1,000 per video
At this level we can invest in some new equipment. This means better sound, better visuals and more amazing videos.
$1,500 per video
A new series exclusive to Slomozovo. A full-colour, high fidelity, narrative web series starring a bunch of awesome people. It might be an entirely new concept, it might be a reboot of something classic...
$2,000 per video
This goal will never be reached, so it doesn't really matter what I put here. Fleeb bloop up-up hip hop dancey goo. Floppy blops. I'll make an animated series with Ragenineteen about two crime-solving clergymen who talk like surfer bros.


I don't like animals. I'm good with kids. I eat a lot of protein.


United Kingdom

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Hi, I'm Christopher Bingham. Old friends call me Bing.

I make videos on YouTube. My projects include the docu-vlog series Past Bing / Future Bing, sketch comedy, music videos, and comedy web series like Hi, I'ma Draw Ya!. One of the things I love doing the most is video blogging. Whether I'm teaching, criticising something, telling anecdotes from my own life, or taking you on an adventure, I enjoy every second of it. (Seriously. It's addicting.)

And so do you, I hope. Inspired by the overwhelming number of comments, tweets, and messages to 'vlog more' I've decided to re-open this Patreon page. I will keep the feed as up to date as possible with extras, stills and exclusive trivia. As Patrons, you will be supporting the production of more vlogs, with more frequent uploads, longer videos and new projects.

You will also be supporting new sketch comedy in 2016. I've taken a couple of years off from being a comedian for personal reasons, and later this year I want to get back into shooting sketches, short films and music videos. In that time, the number of comments, tweets, messages, blog posts, videos, and snaps to 'be funny again', 'make more sketches' and 'what happened to Tord?' has been deafening. So let's do it. Part of every upload and every pledge will be going into the budget for new comedy videos.

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