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About Binky's™

What is Binky’s?

Binky’s are cute buns that love to dress up and help brighten people’s days.
The Binky’s brand stands out by creating cute character merchandise to help support their local bunnies.

Binky’s is determined to help bunnies by teaching the public about proper care, raising money to help local shelters with funds, and volunteering their time to help bunnies in need. From all the store sales and money gathered towards Binky’s, 50% will go straight towards helping buns, while the other 50% will go towards the Binky’s brand to help create more awareness and productivity.

Why care so much about rabbits?

Rabbits are among the most neglected and misunderstood pets.
They are the third-most abandoned animals in shelters.
People have lots of misconceptions about rabbits, for example, they only eat pellets and carrots, they are GREAT first starter pets with no commitment, they only live a few years, they love to cuddle and be held, they’re fine if left outside, they don’t need a lot of space, and the list goes on and on. All of these statements are myths and completely false.

Rabbits are amazing pets! They love to run around, they’re really good at begging for treats, they binky and jump around when really excited, and they all have their own unique personality. With a little patience and respect towards your bunny, they will show you a whole different side to them!
Binky’s wants to help give every bun a chance.

Why support Binky's?

Binky's wants to make a difference for buns.
Binky's is passionate about creating cute merchandise to help educate, to donate, and even volunteer time to help bunnies live a longer and happier life. The Binky's brand wants to expand to be as large as possible while maintaining its number one motive, to help buns.

How can I support Binky's?

There are numerous ways to support Binky's, that don't involve donating or paying. While they are highly appreciated, the main goal of Binky's is not to make "a lot of money," it's to teach. You can support Binky's by learning how a bunny should be taken care of, or helping out someone you know who has a bunny. Even making just a small change, like adding hay to their diet, can be a HUGE step! Another way to support Binky's is you could donate your time to help out your local buns at an animal shelter!

Other ways you can help Binky's as well is supporting us online by following us, liking us, or commenting on posts that peak your interest. Anything you do to support buns and the Binky's brand will be highly appreciated by us and our little, furry friends.

Patreon Tiers:

For the tiers, Binky's has thought long and hard about what kind of tiers to establish. We made numerous amounts of ideas for different levels. But, in the end we scrapped it. We want everyone to have access and fair share to everything.

We want people to want to donate to our cause and not feel like they have to.

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