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About Biocinematics

The Short Story

I believe:
  • Biology is important for everyone to learn.
  • I can make Biology visual so anyone can understand it.
  • 3D animation is time-consuming and expensive.
  • I quit my previous animation job to pursue this passion project with limited resources.
  • This is where you can help.
The Big Question:
  • Would you like to turn this short-term experiment into a sustainable long-term project?
  • Yes.
  • Sorry, I answered for you... if you're not sure yet, carry on to The Loooonger Story.

The Loooonger Story

Biology is an amazingly diverse field and a visual one! My goal is to present to you the richness of biology, from atoms to cells to organisms, using animation to make difficult concepts clear, accessible, and vibrantly alive. Even with zero income from my first videos, putting these in front of an audience has been the most fulfilling job I've had.

Who Am I?

I'm Stuart. I have a BSc in Molecular Biology and an MSc in Biomedical Communications (i.e. communicating biology and medicine through visual media). But perhaps more importantly, I'm passionate about exploring, understanding, and animating the incredible processes that are continuously happening inside us at minuscule scales. Let me share some of that curiosity and excitement with you.

What is Biocinematics About?

Most videos on the Biocinematics channel will focus on the molecular biology of humans; how molecules come together to make us who we are (e.g. Are you REALLY a Carbon Based Life Form?). I have videos about macromolecules, viruses, protein synthesis, and more in the works! Computer animation is a fantastic medium for visualizing these processes. Sometimes I will post a video about the process of science (e.g. The Pinball Machine of Science). I believe in using cross-disciplinary explanations, so I'll explore mathematics, physics, chemistry, and history as they intersect with biology. I also plan to create animations explaining new research (e.g. A Programmable Molecular Robot), however if these type of videos are financially supported by scientists via research grants, patrons won't be charged. I will post videos about once per month, so you can consider your membership tier to be approximately a monthly charge, and you can always set a monthly maximum when you sign up.

Why Do I Need Your Support?

I'll be honest, if I wanted to earn a lot of money doing biomedical animation, working with pharmaceutical or biotech companies is much more viable. When it comes to high-quality educational animation, however, financial resources are more limited. And yet our world desperately needs better science education and science literacy. Everyone should have access to engaging resources that deepen understanding of their own bodies! My hope is there are enough generous people willing to chip in a little bit of money each to support this venture.

I left a science animation job to tell my own stories in a format that would be freely available to absolutely anyone who wants to learn. Most people trying to launch a YouTube channel do so in their spare time until it becomes profitable enough to quit their full-time job. That's too sensible. Computer animation is time and resource intensive, and in my situation, taking a calculated risk and pursuing it full time was the only way to make it happen.

But! It's an experiment that is time-limited. Much as I'd like to, I can't work without income forever, so in order for this project to continue long-term, I need people who think "freely accessible visual biology education" is valuable enough to financially support. If that's you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for helping me continue to make fun, engaging, biology animations.

What Will You Receive?

Besides the heart-warming knowledge that you're supporting my family and "keeping the lights on" at, there are many rewards to show my appreciation for your financial backing, including behind-the-scenes contentbonus graphics and wallpapersoffline and early access to videos, classroom resources, and more. Check out the tiers and decide if you want to be an atom (access to the feed), an organelle (lots of downloadable goodies), an organ (attach your name exclusively to your organ of choice!), or... well go look at the options. Whether you're a student, a teacher, an astronaut, or someone else (it's hard to put people in categories...), I hope you'll find a compelling reward for supporting me and my channel.

BONUS: As an early bird perk, if you are one of the first 100 patrons, you will be commemorated as one of The Founding 100 on and will be included in video credits for at least 1 year after the goal is reached.

Thank you. Genuinely and sincerely, thank you.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) When will I be charged, and how much?
If you sign up for the $5/video tier (for example), your card will be charged $5 USD at the beginning of each month, if (and only if) I release a video in the previous month. So you sign up, I release a video, you get a bunch of perks, and at the beginning of next month you'll see the charge on your card. If I release 2 videos in a month (unlikely, but possible), then you would be charged $10 USD in this example, but you can set a monthly limit (e.g. 1 time per month = $5) when you sign up. That's totally fine. And you can cancel or change tiers at any time.

2) If I become a patron now, do I have access to previous downloads (e.g. classroom resources, posters, offline videos)?
Yes. I will make sure you can access resources and rewards (based on your tier) that were posted with previous videos. So in theory, you could sign up, download everything, and then cancel, but you'd miss out on future resources, and I might be a little sad.

3) In the Macromolecule tier, will you be shipping physical posters?
No, sorry. I would love to, but printing and shipping would far surpass the revenue from that tier. Poster graphics will be downloadable files which you can print at any size.

4) How do the named-credit tiers (tissue, organ, organ system, organism) work?
At the end of each video, I will show the name (or screen-name of your choice) of patrons of these tiers as recognition of your important contribution. Similar to bronze, silver, gold sponsorship you sometimes see, the tier system is a fun way to highlight those going above and beyond to support me. The tissue tier will display your name among the other tissue patrons. The higher tiers will pair your name with the name of an organ, an organ system, or an organism.
  • You will choose from this google spreadsheet of available names when you become a patron.
  • Your chosen pairing is exclusively yours until you terminate your Patreon support, at which point it is free for another patron.
  • Though higher tiers include rewards from lower tiers, your name will only appear once (e.g. in organ tier only, not in organ & tissue tiers).
  • You can switch to another available name on request, but please no more than once or twice per year.
  • For the organism tier (very exclusive!), instead of choosing from a list 1 million species long, you choose any non-fictional common or Latin name that hasn't already been chosen. 
Example: You sign up for the organ tier, and I send you a link to the list. You really wanted Spleen, but it's already been chosen by Jim Patronman, so you go with Brain (nice one). For every subsequent video, you will be shown in the end credits under the "Organs" header as Brain: Suzy Subscriber (or whatever your name is).

And before you ask... I'm leaving reproductive organs off the list for now. Maybe a future goal could unlock them.

5) What does Biocinematics mean?
Bio: From Biology, the study of life
cinematics: The art of making motion pictures, as in "cinema"
P.S. No one has actually asked me this yet, I just thought I'd add it.
14 of 100 patrons
The Founding 100
The first 100 patrons will be credited as "The Founding 100" on in perpetuity and in videos after the goal is reached for at least 1 year. Any tier qualifies, but names will be listed from higher tiers down, and then by alphabetical order within tiers.
  • Reaching this goal (100 patrons) also unlocks an extra reward for the Macromolecule tier ($5): an exclusive live production stream (i.e. watching me work on some animation)!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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