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About BioMindmap

Medical knowledge is widespread and overwhelming. Tough to organize. We made a relationships establishment service. Now, by choosing a symptom or a drug, you can find all their connections assessed by a validity score. Every such biolink is confirmed by referencing actual studies. Citations are easy to read with an automated highlighting.

BioMindmap is a collaborative knowledge manager for researchers, doctors and health consumers. For you. Useful in education or while investigating own symptoms. Users, depending on their rating, can edit, improve or estimate knowledge. Every statement’s page — is the starting point to assemble evidence base, scores and comments. Collaborative research and crowd-validation makes knowledge alive. Auto-generated mindmaps allow searching causality paths.

After reading scientific articles, we make text notes. No more clutter. Now a simple interface organizes notes as digital paths interlinked with existing knowledge. It saves time when you follow topics of interest or recall known facts. Low cost and high value education platform for knowledge distribution.

Users and scientists have an additive way to learn and understand the essence pre-processed in advance. Once someone extracted the knowledge, it is available to others without the need to read articles again. Essence is minimized to simple logical statements — biolinks — that are then crowd-validated.

BioMindmap is the only open database with visualization of medical researches. It is made to last long-term. It helps to conveniently organize findings in one place, integrate with others’ and share. In here we search what causes a symptom, what a fruit contains, or what a drug does. Every object will have an auto-summary. Enjoy.


Our mission is to ensure a researcher can conveniently store and share findings.

We want science and health be more accessible to broader masses; increasing chances for breakthroughs. Increasing the amount of healthy people. might be one of the tools, that would globally lower education costs. It might help overcoming the education crisis, as it gives a new way of serving the knowledge to students.

If it is what rings your bell, please support our development with a Patreon subscription.

How can you use it

  1. If you have some symptoms. Find what might be causes or solutions to it.
  2. You are reading PubMed? Organize your findings as new biolinks.
  3. Are you a nutritionist? Check the proofs your diet works. Organize knowledge.
  4. Are you watching your weight or blood markers? Find them to get more info.

Our next features

  1. Personalized Feed. Subscribe for new knowledge about chosen symptoms or drugs.
  2. User-specific Recommendations. Select your symptoms and goals to improve, and we will generate a list of recommendations, what could you attempt to do.
  3. Chrome Plugin, which hints what BioMindmap knows about current page you are viewing (by its URL and mentioned researches in its body).

The project was started with a big enthusiasm of a small but experienced team. We need your support. Tell about us to students, professors, patients and doctors. Become a Patreon.

For further information, intro video, examples and interesting demo links click here:

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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