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All patrons get access to exclusive variants of the wallpapers I post on a semi-regular basis.

You don't know if this whole thing is going to work out, but you're willing to invest a little in case it gets really cool in the future. You're taking a chance on me, and much like watchOS, I'll strive to impress you more and more over time.

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You are an active listener, but you don't want to break the bank on something you may or may not need to stick around forever. I hope you take your Apple Watch Sport out for a run and listen to The BirchTree Podcast along the way.

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About BirchTree

BirchTree is a project by me, Matt Birchler, which has been running since 2010. I write at and podcast multiple times a week on The BirchTree Podcast. I love technology, and I have been enthralled by it my entire life. I'm a life-long Apple fan, but I get almost too much joy of out trying out everything from Google, Microsoft, and everyone under the sun to make sure I'm always using the best stuff out there.

I do not get hardware from companies like Apple, Google, or Microsoft, so everything comes out of my own pocket. This Patreon will help me make sure I can get my hands on more hardware to be able to speak more intelligently about the biggest Apple competitors out there.
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At $50/month I will buy a new Surface Go tablet and start a series of articles on how it differs from the iPad experience I have every day.
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