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About Birdeatsbaby

We are Birdeatsbaby - an alternative rock quartet hailing from Brighton, UK.

For the last 10 years we have been making music and playing shows as a group. We have released 4 studio albums, 2 EPs and a whole bunch of music videos to match. We've toured in the UK, Europe, America and Mexico, and done all of this as an independent act.

In 2013 we raised £11,000 on Kickstarter to fund our record campaign "The Bullet Within". That's when we realised we had an amazing worldwide fan-base "THE FLOCK" (that's you!) who supported us.

We knew then that the best way to make music, is to be directly funded by the people who want you to create it.

In 2015, we set up this Patreon page and have used it fund a whole bunch of things, including our last record "TANTA FURIA". Our singer Mishkin also has a solo project, and we are constantly creating art, music and videos.

So, in short, we still really need your help to carry on this project... running a band of this size and ambition is very expensive. if you love this band as much as we do, please give what you can. You get so much for pledges that start at just $1 per "thing", and you get all the previous "things" when you sign up too!

Thank you for your un-ending support. We can't wait to share the next crazy chapter of Birdeatsbaby with you!

Love & Feathers, Mishkin, Garry, Hana & Anna
$1,138 of $1,500 per Thing
If we hit this goal we will start work on a special re-release anniversary edition of our second album "Feast of Hammers", remixed, remastered, with new arrangements, an orchestra AND including a second bonus disc of b-side, covers and rarities. KA-POW.
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