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Welcome to BirdBam Studios' Artist Collaboration aka ArtCoLab!
Hey Y'all! Birdie Chesson here!

I know how it feels to be an artist that is full of unfinished masterpieces. I'm a singer/songwriter that sometimes needs a beat, a producer, a studio, another singer or a rapper for my tracks.

I'm also a scriptwriter that sometimes needs a director and camera crew, everything that makes a movie or a TV show. Sometimes I need another writer to help me finish a script or an editor.

Talent deserves to be seen!
We have so many moving parts in our movement that NEEDS YOU! 

BirdBam Studio's Artist Collaboration better known as
BBS ArtCoLab
Our ArtCoLab is a cooperative collective where people who sign up in 2 avenues of creativity:

Music and Movies.

For Music, we need: Writers, Musicians, Singers, Rappers, Engineers, Producers, all Music related Creative Artists, including studios and performance venues.

For Movies, we need Writers, Actors/Actresses, Directors, Producers, Production teams, Camera crews, Location Scouts and all Movie related Artists and Personnel and locations. 

We will be creating an app and a website for all artists to sign up to collaborate with each other and make each others creative projects a masterpiece.
We need creators and funding to make it happen!

WE NEED YOU to help us make it happen!

0% complete
When I reach $2500, we'll be able to develop the full app, complete with sign ups; with recording, posting and sharing capabilities.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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