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Hi there! I'm Jules and I want to make a living off of my art!

I'm a queer artist residing in SoCal who works with dogs during the day and freelances illustration by night. I want to change that and make freelance my full-time day job. I draw mostly animals, monsters, ladies and queer content.

Still with me? Great! So I'm sure you're wondering, what are some of the benefits of supporting an artist if most of their work is already visible on other social media platforms?

This will be so much more than what I have elsewhere online. Various tiers will offer the following:
Community Discord channel
Voting in donor-exclusive polls on content
Exclusive artwork, which also includes sketches, studies, line work, and more!
Early access to commission slots
Monthly doodle pages- higher tier donors have a chance to see their characters drawn

Future content ideas include a NSFW tier, enamel pins, stickers, and raffles.

Nervous about commitment? Lacking in funds? Consider making a one time donation to my online tip jar: https://ko-fi.com/hyenadoodle (No rewards here other than me sending you my thanks and blowing a kiss to you from across the world wide web. xoxo)

Thank you so much for your generosity, loving what I do, and bringing me closer to my dream.


1% complete
With your help, I'll be able to launch my first enamel pin design!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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