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The Rice Club
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Each tiny grain of rice is just as important as the other in a big bag of rice and that's why every dollar matters. 

Okay, so that's just nonsense.

With your monthly $1 pledge, you'll get your own pinned tag on our world map in the studio - just remember to tell us when you move!

Oh, and everyone...we mean everyone...gets to be part of our super duper competition next year (details to come).

The Risotto Suite
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Your dedication of $3 a month gets you your Rice Club world tag, but also includes access to an exclusive email newsletter with stuff the other minions don't get. Who knows what that'll be yet.
Givvin' It Da Beans Brigade
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Oh wow, look at you! Yes, please. For your $5 monthly pledge, you get all of the stuff in the Rice Club and Risotto Suite, 10% off at our Bisbeens N Rice online store (for as long as you're a Brigade member), and a rolling, monthly prize entry drawn live on the show where you could win things with a real life ticket value of way, way more.




Take a US Combat Veteran with an eye for engineering, a UK graduate with a flair for broadcasting, a city named in the best places in the world to visit, and you find Bisbeens N Rice was inevitable!

Jonathan Watson and Benjamin Morgan, both residents of Bisbee, Arizona...wait...enough with the third person.

We love our City, a mile high in the Mule Mountains, and we want to showcase it. We're taking on the challenge of building a YouTube Channel, with a prominent production studio, to bring real community life in Bisbee to a new audience. 

Here are some of the great features you'll be a vital part of helping to create and sustain.

LEGO Challenge for Kids
Our timely holiday charity rush! Head over to some interweb store and send us a LEGO set or two. We get together with Bisbee residents and race to build them, with trivia and forfeits. The completed toys, boosted by monies raised during the challenge, are donated to children in need in our border living communities.

Slow TV
It's true, millions of people all over the world settle in to watch a 30 hour canal journey, or perhaps someone mowing a lawn, so join us for Sunday crosswords, painting canvases, sanding wood, or whatever else we find that defines the intricacies of our individualities in Bisbee.

Proper Breakfast Shows
We're sick of having to choose between gossip, extreme news, or pre-edited, monologuing, comedy shows every morning. So we're offering an alternative: join us as we broadcast from locations across the gulches and canyons, sharing a good brekkie recipe, gentle stories, and good company.

Film Shorts
With your help, we'll have the space and time to nurture new talent, right here in Bisbee. From drama to comedy (okay, a lot of attempted comedy), we'll use our expertise to develop any creative idea as best we can. 

A Place to Learn
Bisbeens N Rice will offer everyone the opportunity to learn about production, direction, and everything in between. Your support through Patreon allows us to provide tools and personnel to make this magic happen.

We'll add more here as we get to know this site. We're super busy and we want to stay that way. 
We love Bisbee. We hope you'll join us on this adventure.
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When we reach $2500 per month, which represents our rent and utility costs, we will move to full time broadcasting from our dedicated studio.
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