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About Bisexual Real Talk

Since 2015, Bisexual Real Talk has been making bisexual empowerment videos and now it needs your help to continue offering a bisexual perspective in a very straight/gay world. How to come out as bisexual, who has come out as bisexual, how to navigate a community dominated by gays and lesbians, and how to feel good about being bisexual. These are all topics that Bisexual Real Talk has addressed, and wants to continue to address in the coming years.

However, although the channel was previously financed solely by Alex Andes' book sales, things have taken a turn. And, in order to continue to have the always encouraging, and often defiant voice of Bisexual Real Talk for you and bisexuals like you, please become a patron and help make a difference for the growing bisexual community.
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If I can reach this goal, I will be able to work on and post 2 videos a month for Bisexual Real Talk! That would be so awesome!!!!
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