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About Bitchin' Podcast

Hi Ya'll! We are Blair and Taylor --- the voices behind Bitchin' Podcast!

Two twenty-somethings who like to game and bitch about shit. Care to join in?

We started Bitchin' Podcast as not only a way to spend more time with each other, but to also find like minded folks to start a conversation with. We have a passion for games, life, and good (cheap) wine -- so we threw them all together in this fun chaotic little podcast!

We want to continue to grow our passionate, caring, and fun community and provide you all with the highest quality content possible! Below are links to our social media --We would greatly appreciate any contributions you can make but if you can't --- please still join us on this crazy ride! We would love to have you all here!


You can find us online (& Join our Discord) at:


Spotify, Itunes, and Google Podcast coming SOON!

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