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You receive access to the uncompressed 4K comparative reviews, where we test using actual Movie 4K UHD content, as well as HD/SD and Streaming. To give you a full comparison of what the latest hardware/software update is doing for your TV.
4K Comparative Review & eMail Tech Support
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Get the 4K comparative review downloads and support on all of your tech by email. Have a question, an issue or more, simply let me know and I will be glad to help.
4K Comparative Reviews & Direct Text 24/7 Support
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You get my personal mobile number, so you can text me directly, 24x7 (within reason) with any issues, questions or help you may need with your tech. Plus, you get the 4K comparative review downloads.




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Welcome :-)

First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my Patreon and considering to support me through Patreon. You may know me from my growing YouTube channel BitsBytesBobs, otherwise known as 3b. At 3b, I aim to provide a good mix of helpful videos on getting the most from the tech that you already own. That manifests itself in the form of getting the best from your TV; calibration guides, setup guides, what to look for with a new TV. To your audio equipment, getting the best sound, for least amount of money and what services to use and why. There are many How To's and guides on the channel. Combine that with reviews, discussions, news and talking points. I explain technical jargon in simple terms, more so I can understand them too! The channel is growing steadily, we have re-branded recently and changed the entire look and feel, but we know there is more we can do to serve you.

What Do You Get By Being A Patreon of 3b?

With Your Support of 3B, I Support You & Your Tech!
(oh and you get 4K comparative review downloads too!)

Here's the cool part! As a Patreon, you will also have access to me directly. Depending on your level of support, you will get access to me, 7 days a week, on any tech related issue, question or advice that you seek. 

How you use this service I aim to provide to you, is entirely up to you. It could be you are looking for a new TV and want to run some ideas by me. Or, you have a Hi-Fi and want to get better sound from it, and need some advice on what you have already and what you can do to improve it. Perhaps you've an issue that you can't get help from anywhere else, and you need someone to consider all aspects of all the connected devices. Manufacturer support, will only support their own brand, but many modern homes and gadgets connect to other brand products. Meaning having to seek support with numerous manufacturers for one single problem. An almost impossible task. Yet, when you get me, with your support of 3b, I support you and your Tech.

4K Comparative Review Downloads included! YouTube will not allow me to produce videos that show real World use of Movies, TV, Streaming in SD, HD and 4K. Simply due to copyright issues of showing such content. Even when it's for something like this. However, I can provide this to you privately. Therefore, ALL Patreon members get access to the downloads of the 4K, uncompressed comparative review using 4K UHD Bluray movies, HD bluray and SD/HD/4K streams to show how the reviews on firmware, TV's and more work out. 

By supporting BitsBytesBobs, you support the growth and expansion and become a deeper part of the reason why the channel exists; to build a community of like minded people together, to help one another and share in our love of tech. Your support and commitment will allow the channel to increase it's output, increase production values and cover wider and more topics.

Don't Take My Word For It....

PawPaw is a subscriber to the BitsBytesBobs (3b) channel, listen to his thoughts on what he gets from the channel and how I have personally helped him with his tech. 

Let's Grow 3B & Also Let Me Support You!

My goal for 3b is for it to grow and expand. As a channel on YouTube, it's very difficult to do that effectively, we all have limited time, money and available hardware to achieve the ideal in terms of production, quantity and resources. Attracting new subscribers for any channel is a challenge, with high production values being expected by many viewers, without the clear understanding of the what those production values required. At 3b, I do my best with what I have, but it could and needs to be better. Content is related to what I have available, and any young channel is not going to attract the manufacturers, meaning I have to be even more creative. A few months ago I made a commitment to you, to the 3b channel, to spend more of my time doing videos and increasing the production values. To that end, I believe we have made progress, but could do more.

That more requires more of my time and more resources, far and beyond what YouTube currently brings in from advertising and what I have in expendable income. Combine that with just recently, the YouTube police causing me a great deal of issue with demonetizing the entire channel, for no reason.

This lead me to think towards Patreon, but I didn't want to do what many channels appear to ask, and that's simply for you to donate. Perhaps it's because I'm old school, but I also believe that you should get something in return that has true value to you, and what I can give you is unique to my channel... that thing is me!

Please consider support this Patreon and in so doing I will support you and your tech, your contribution will help foster the growth of the channel and together we can support each other.
Thank You!

$0.64 of $1,500 per month
New Camera & New Video Series

Our first goal as a community is $1500 per month. When we get here, it will allow me to purchase a better camera, meaning that I won't have to deal with the Samsung S8+ awful autofocus [even when turned off]. 

To put the camera to better use, I will start an interview series with professionals within the industry of tech. Meaning, I will go out and see those, that make, develop and advice on the tech that we all love and use.
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