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About Bitzbox

Here at Bitzbox not only do we enjoy selling individual bits from Games Workshop kits for your conversions but we also love making content on YouTube. At the time of writing this we make roughly 2 videos a week covering all kinds of different wargaming content including painting tutorials, battle reports and reviews and not just for the GW games either.

Although running the Bitzbox website pays the bills, put food on the table and help fuel our plastic crack addiction we still have found that running a YouTube channel can be very expensive and we've invested a lot of our money and even more of our own time into making it successful. We believe that even with a small number of Patreon's on board we can improve the channel even more and we'll be able to create more and exclusive content for you guys also.
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Access to our Patreon feed where we post many of our videos early, plus we may have occasional Patreon only content. You will also get an invite into our private Facebook group
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Everything from the $1 pledge plus a voucher code to get free shipping on ALL your orders from our web store! 
Monthly Bitz Bags!
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Everything from the lower pledge levels, plus a free bag of random bitz every month as a thank you for supporting our channel.
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Everything from the $20 pledge level however you get two bags of random bitz instead of one. If enough Patreons are on board we will theme these bitz bags monthly also!
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This will allow us to buy more camera equipment and lighting to film more videos at different locations which will help increase our output
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