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Hello! I'm Craig Owens, aka, Bizarre Los Angeles. When I started moderating the Bizarre Los Angeles Facebook page in 2010, I never thought it would amount to anything more than a picture blog. The page, however, quickly began to attract folks interested in Old Hollywood, forgotten stories and haunted places centering around the Los Angeles area. 

Prior to my starting Bizarre Los Angeles, I had already begun shooting Old Hollywood-inspired fine art photographs inside historic haunted hotels. After my crew and I experienced paranormal activity at two consecutive locations, I began to wonder if my vintage-inspired photo shoots were somehow triggering the activity at these hotels. In 2011, I decided to test this idea on a grander scale by purposely staging elaborate photos in the most haunted rooms of the most haunted hotels in Southern California to see what might happen. I then published my discoveries (and photos) in a new book called HAUNTED BY HISTORY.

Because I wanted my book to withstand the test of time, I decided to fact-check everything and to not take what others had written before as fact. I researched the history of each location to make sure that dates and events matched the original records. I also looked for forgotten stories that historians might have overlooked. I even traced ghost stories back to its origin and then tested the paranormal claims to see if the ghost legends had merit.

Much to my surprise, a whole new reality that surprisingly made more sense than the "other" realities depicted on television, newspapers and books. I learned that many well-known haunted hotel buildings had missing records or inaccurate information written about them by well-meaning historians. In some cases, the ghost legends were complete fabrications. I also stumbled across a few forgotten deaths that matched the paranormal claims better than the existing ghost legends did. I took all of this info and brought it to life (so to speak) by mixing historical images with my own photography taken inside the haunted rooms, lobbies and hallways of each hotel.

When HAUNTED BY HISTORY VOL. 1: SEPARATING THE FACTS AND LEGENDS OF EIGHT HISTORIC HOTELS AND INNS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA was released, it earned Publishers Weekly Star Review for excellence. The book's fresh approach introduced new info about the Hotel del Coronado, Victorian Rose B&B, Julian Gold Rush Hotel, Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, Alexandria Hotel, Pierpont Inn, Banning House Lodge and the Glen Tavern Inn. It also led to  favorable coverage by Los Angeles Magazine and NBC Los Angeles.

Since then, I have been featured on Bizarre States on the Nerdist Network, Ghost Magnet with Bridgit Marquardt, and I served as a fact-checker on an episode of A & E's Psychic Kids.

Although HAUNTED BY HISTORY's popularity continues to grow, so does Bizarre Los Angeles' growing pains. Currently, I'm a one person operation trying to satisfy increasing demands for more truthful information about other haunted locations.

I, therefore, seek your help in growing Bizarre Los Angeles' size and reach through pledged donations. Your support allows me to maintain newspaper archive subscription services, Adobe products, camera upgrades, launching a podcast, creating affordable photo shoot packages, audiobooks, etc. I also need additional capital to launch future books (including HAUNTED BY HISTORY VOL. 2) and to be able to continue funding independently run historical research.

I'd appreciate your help. There are a lot of struggling, haunted historic building owners across the U.S. who could benefit from the added publicity and useful information that HAUNTED BY HISTORY provides! In exchange, you can expect the best quality info and the discovery of little known secrets that will leave you wanting more.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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