BJJ Scout is creating Video Studies on Martial Arts Technique

Access to Activity Feed & Ad-block Absolution

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My thanks and regular updates on Patreon as to what studies I'm up to.


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Early Access, Missing Scenes, and Non-YT Studies

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Early Access (at least 24 hours) to my studies, extra footage, raw edits, and studies I can't upload to Youtube. Includes:
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  • Bonus Videos, Missing Scenes

Re-Mastered Studies and Behind the Scenes

$10 /mo
Cleaned up and updated past studies ie Leandro Lo, Rodolfo, Nicolini etc. Many of these studies have been struck or the music removed from YT.  Also access to exclusive posts/pics on my process and...

Monthly Q&A + Name in Credits

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I'll make a monthly special "round up" video where we can discuss BJJ/MMA and I'll answer questions.


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  • Submit questions to and access to exclusive m...

I'll be your personal Scout

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I will scout up to 5 matches  you send to me and give you feedback or comments (via an annotation software). Analyze yourself or an opponent!


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Get to know me

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Each month of your patronage, I will truthfully answer a personal question about me (If I cannot answer it, you can ask another). You will also have access too all answers previously provided. Firs...