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If you are not comfortable with recurring pledges, I also accept one-time donations via GiveButter :)

The Black Agenda Scorecard is a public tool aimed to be simple to use yet powerful in nature.

The project focuses on creating and maintaining scorecards at the national and local level as well as providing ongoing support and scorecard training for local #ADOS Chapters throughout the country.

It is also designed to be progressively adoptable and fully transparent within it's scoring. The Black Agenda Scorecard core is an Airtable database library whose (bases) or templates can be shared across unique and private Airtable accounts. The project also includes templates and training videos that support local ADOS Chapter training and marketing of the scorecard.


  • evidence docs: digital documents used to store research-based and cited evidence for scoring designed for public use
  • soft data: data found on the front of the scorecard not used for scoring
  • hard data: data found on the front of the scorecard as well as on the backend used for scoring
  • scorecard dashboard:
    • dynamic and embeddable front interface
    • supports automated score tabulation
    • supports clickable links
    • supports form submissions for feedback and support
  • embedding: the ability to embed scorecards onto websites functionality
  • social: the ability to share on social media
    • screenshots of scorecards for social media publishing
    • custom scorecard graphic design images for social media publishing
    • volunteer automation to assist with PR data-collection

Additional feature(s) supported:
High level planned / ongoing work can be found in the Project Roadmap.

Researching, maintaining and developing new features to all these projects takes a considerable amount of time, and I am currently exploring the possibility of working on BlackAgendaScorecard.com full-time.

Your sponsorship ensures these scorecards stay up to date and actively maintained. It can also help their exposure in communities nationwide.

Of course, if you’re interested in using Airtable for any personal, social or business projects feel free to use this link and I’ll get a small kickback :)
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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