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Everything you get at the Crew tier, plus you get privileged access to our design thinking. We'll share work-in-progress drafts, designer diaries and suchlike.

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We are Josh Fox and Becky Annison, the designers of Lovecraftesque, When the Dark is Gone, Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars and Bite Me! Our games have won some major awards, and been shortlisted for many more.

We love designing and producing big game projects, but we have lots of other ideas that we want to get out there, including:
  • Writing the smaller games that are bouncing around in our heads, just itching to escape into the world (there’s a list below)
  • Creating supplements and scenarios to enhance our existing games.
  • Writing blog articles about game design, game theory, our design process and the ins and outs of a game design business.

With your support we’ll make it happen. We expect to produce something around once a month. Blog posts may be more frequent - but no more than one a week, normally.

You’ll be lighting a fire under our existing Blog on Black Armada. You can find our existing articles on the Black Armada website. We’ll continue to publish our blog articles where anyone can read them.

You’ll also be turbo-charging our Micro-Game Design work, helping to get those smaller projects out of our heads and onto your gaming table. If you back at the Crew reward tier and above, you'll get access to these small games for free - and we'll also release them for purchase by non-patrons.

If you'd like to see what our games are like, you can download our free sample game Soap Bubble, a game about the characters in a soap opera and the actors who play them, here.

Small game concepts that we’re currently excited to develop include:

  • What the Water Gave me about a cursed pool, the tithe of deaths it takes, and a ghost story interwoven between the ages.
  • The Mice Will Play about the adventures children have when their parents are away. 
  • Are we the baddies? charting the transformation of a single protagonist from bad guy, to ally, to hero.
  • Just Slay It about washed-up celebrity adventurers fighting goblins – and their own personal demons.
  • X Marks the Spot a game about drunk cartoonish pirates planning a voyage to buried treasure. Just one problem, they’ve lost the map.
  • Weasels vs the Large Hadron Collider about time travellers from the future trying to stop foolish scientists destroying the universe.
Full disclosure: some of these are already written and waiting to be released. Supporting the Patreon will encourage us to write more!

At the First Mate tier, we'll share with you what we're currently working on in more detail, and sharing work in progress drafts. You'll get insider knowledge about what we're working on before it becomes available, including our bigger games.

Finally, we've set up a discord server where Patrons can chat with us and each other, ask questions about the games, and share ideas. 
$63.90 of $75 per month
Side projects
We'd be delighted to reach this goal. At this level, our small games and blog writing would pay around 5 cents a word - enough to justify spending time on these exciting side-projects. More importantly that means there's lots of you who are interested in what we're writing, and want to hear more.
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