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You'll get PDF downloads of scenarios and smaller games we write, membership of the Black Armada discord, and credit on the Patreon section of the Black Armada website.

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Everything you get at the Crew tier, plus you get privileged access to our design thinking. We'll share work-in-progress drafts, designer diaries and suchlike.




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About Black Armada

We are Josh Fox and Becky Annison, the designers of Lovecraftesque, When the Dark is Gone, Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars, Bite Marks and Last Fleet. Our games have won some major awards, and been shortlisted for many more.

We love designing and producing big game projects, but we also want to:
  • Write the smaller games that are bouncing around in our heads, just itching to escape into the world (there’s a list below)
  • Create supplements and scenarios to enhance our existing games.
  • Write blog articles about game design, game theory, our design process and the ins and outs of a game design business.

Thanks to the support of our patrons, we've been making it happen.

Your patronage supports our Micro-Game Design work, getting those smaller projects out of our heads and onto your gaming table. If you back at the Crew ($3) reward tier, you'll get a small game or scenario/supplement, every month, for free. We also release them for purchase by non-patrons, a month after they're released to you.

If you'd like to see what our games are like before you pledge, you can download our free sample game Soap Bubble, a game about the characters in a soap opera and the actors who play them, here. You can also get a feel for the sorts of games we make on our itch page.

Small game concepts that we’re currently excited to develop include:

  • History Team: Live Dig! - a game about TV archeologists and the lives they uncover.
  • Elementary, a GMless Agatha Christie-style murder mystery where you compete to implicate your preferred suspect.
  • My life and times as an artist, a game inspired by the lives of Frida Kahlo, Anais Nin, Josephine Baker, Virginia Woolf and others. Be uncompromising, make art, enrage the bourgeoisie.
  • Nuns with guns in space, an investigation game where you play kick-ass nuns whose abilities are powered by guilt and confession. 
  • Eighties problem solver, where you play heroes who travel from small town to small town and punch the local bad guys in the face.
  • Lather, Rinse, Repeat, a solo journaling game about living the same day over and over again.
Your support also helps to run our Blog on Black Armada. You can find all our articles on the Black Armada website, together with tons of games and gaming-related resources.

If you want even more, at the First Mate ($5) tier, we'll additionally share with you our thoughts about what we're currently working on, as we design it. You'll get insider knowledge about what we're working on before it becomes available, including our bigger games.

Finally, we've set up a discord server where you can chat with us and each other, ask questions about the games, and share ideas. You don't need to be a patron to join, so come and chat with us!
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This would be a wonderful level to reach. If we reached this level, we'd be able to justify writing longer games, and/or prettying them up with decent layout or art.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 31 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 31 exclusive posts

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