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I am American!  An American who happens to be Black and Puerto-Rican. I love my country, treasure The Constitution and value peace and prosperity. I am a conservative libertarian.The Marxist left who call themselves "liberals" or "progressives", have hijacked the Democrat party and still think they own Blacks, their vote and their allegiance with their false revisionist history. I started my Instagram and YouTube channels and started making videos to combat this myth and the false idea that Blacks can't be and aren't conservative and that America isn't a great country worthy of support, When I started my social media mission I wanted a name that challenged the globalist agenda of division and race-politics of the American Socialist Democratic left and thus BLACK CONSERVATIVE PATRIOT was born! 

I support and campaigned for our beloved and duly elected President of the United States, Donald J. Trump during the 2016 elections after seeing him at a campaign rally a few miles from my office in San Diego, California. I have been a vociferous supporter of the Make America Great Again mission and fully on the Trump Train since spring 2016 when I realized that Trump was serious about his run for the presidency and the need to save our republic from the embedded globalist cabal.

I became a lover of the Constitution while a Freshman at U.C. Berkeley. I went in there as an 18 year-old big government loving Democrat and by the end of my first year I rejected the dogma of Marxism and despotism. Their attempts to fully indoctrinate me FAILED.

I have a degree in Economics and have worked in the finance industry including accounting, economic consulting/analysis, banking, investment banking, mergers & acquisitions and lending. I have been a consultant, broker, business owner, branch manager, acquisition coordinator and a bank V.P. I am currently focusing on building a libertarian/conservative media concern and growing a side family business I own with my wife of 22 years.

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