is creating plant-based, vegan and wellness education for Black folx
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About BlackFeministVegan

Starr Carrington is an activist, director and community organizer for plant-based, vegan and wellness education that centers a Black healing experience.

Through their platform, Black Feminist Vegan, Starr provides vegan food justice resources to support Black community as we heal our relationship to veganism, plant-based living, wellness and compassion.

Starr is the founder and executive director ofFuel The People.

My Journey

My vegan journey began abruptly in August 2017, and BlackFeministVegan came to life just three months later.

I noticed a huge gap in existing vegan media that complicated a Black feminist's (or Black person's) ability to see veganism as an intentional, necessary, revolutionary practice.

So, in an effort to fill that gap, I started out in this game where I plan to end -- as a Black feminist voice of veganism, and a vegan voice of Black feminism.

My essay on “Food Justice and Race in the U.S.” was published by Sanctuary Publishers in Food Justice: A Primer. This essay reflects on the role and ability of social constructs to legitimize environmental injustice.

My Content

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I facilitate workshops and classes on the following topics:

Veganism as a Practice for Black Feminism
Veganism as a Practice for Black Liberation Theory
Unifying Black Liberation
Land Healing through Generations
How Veganism Addresses Medical & Food Apartheid
Systemic Oppression through Food Systems
Jezebels and Dairy Cows: Exploiting Femininity
Dissecting Food Landscapes
Liberation through Community Food Systems
Resisting Single-Issue Activism: Holistic Approaches to Anti-Oppression

Let’s Connect

FemPowerHours, weekly rooftop high happy hours hosted at the Townhouse Uptown Lounge in DC. Every Monday from 6pm-8pm, come to the lounge and enjoy complimentary infused treats, great company and live music.

For tickets and more info visit

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“Stare at the sun and you’ll be looking in my eyes, homie.
Stand for something or fall for anything.”
~ Kendrick Lamar

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